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ezbds Security Practices

We're fanatical about security. We love solving real problems for diabetics, but we have to admit, we're a team of serious tech geeks with substantial experience securing high-traffic sites with sensitive content (think banking sites). We'd love to talk to you more about our technology or security practices. Just shoot us an email at


You interact with our site and apps only over encrypted channels--ezbds is served exclusively over SSL. This means that you can safely log in from your laptop in a coffee shop or a low-carb bakery, confident that no one is snooping on you.


It's unbelievable and unacceptable that we continue to hear about password leak after password leak from otherwise reputable firms. We NEVER store your password in a recoverable manner. If you forget it, we can reset it for you (after verifying via phone or email that you are who you say you are), but neither we nor anyone else can read your password.

Bank-grade encryption

We use industry-standard encryption techniques that have withstood the tests of thousands of researchers over decades to ensure that your private data remains private. All data coming in to our servers is encrypted and all of your identifying information (name, email, phone number, etc.) remains encrypted on our servers. We could give you unencumbered access to our full database and you still couldn't get your name out of it. It's more work for us but we truly believe it's the right way to run a health-focused business.


Check out our privacy policies here.

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