Your personal assistant for managing your diabetes.

Help, integrated into your life

  • Powerful analysis pushed to you when you need it
  • Alerts and reminders to help get you through your busy day
  • Detailed reports and analytics waiting for you when you want them
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ezbds Features and Pricing

It's simple and it starts with 90 days free

Everyone gets 90 days of our premium service for free. Then, you're free to choose to continue using our free service indefinitely or you can maintain your premium subscription for $100 a year or $10 a month.

Our business is clarity, not confusing marketing gimmicks

We don't want your credit card number for 90 days and you default to the free plan when your premium trial runs out. We're confident that you'll want to continue to receive the valuable insight and analysis our premium plan offers, but if you don't, we're not going to trick you into paying us. We charge $10 a month or $100 a year, not $9.99 and $99.99, because we respect your intelligence. After all, you were smart enough to check out ezbds! Simple and straightforward--that's what you should expect from us.

Absolutely Free PlanYour first 90 DaysPremium Plan
Cohesive, synced, view across multiple devices (Android, iPhone, tablets, any computer or tablet)YesYesYes
Best charts and graphs we've ever seen (and we're adding new ones all the time)YesYesYes
Automatic tagging of readings by meal (you're already recording the meals, we'll handle the rest)YesYesYes
Unobtrusive medicine calculators and reminders that actually workYesYesYes
Periodic basic reports emailed to caregivers or yourselfYesYesYes
Analysis of new or developing trends--we'll help you determine what's worth worrying aboutNoYesYes
Great insight into how specific foods (even at specific restaurants) affect youNoYesYes
Automatic testing to see if medicine changes are really helpingNoYesYes
Simple analysis of your response to carbs, medicine, and exerciseNoYesYes
Alerts to let you know when your response to carbs, medicine, or exercise has significantly changedNoYesYes
Securely share a live view of your data with unlimited caregiversNoYesYes
Quarterly reports on your long-term progressNoNoYes

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