Your personal assistant for managing your diabetes.


Meet ezbds,

your personal assistant for managing your diabetes.

Hi. Meet ezbds, your personal assistant for managing your diabetes.

ezbds is your genius personal assistant who pulls together all the scattered information of your life into a simple, actionable story about what drives your numbers up and down, telling you just what you need to know just when you need to know it.

ezbds loves going out to eat with you...

When you sit down at your favorite restaurant, ezbds reminds you what you’ve eaten there in the past, how you dosed, and what your numbers were like afterwards.

...and ezbds is always ready for a bike ride or a run

Everyone knows exercise is good for you. ezbds lets you prove it. It tells you which exercises actually help your numbers and by how much.

ezbds is like an interactive newspaper, all about you

We know you've felt it. We have too. That ever-present question hanging over you: What's going on in my body? How does traveling affect me? Am I really better off taking this extra pill? ezbds is like a daily newspaper published by your pancreas. We keep you in the know about your own body and back our simple insights with rigorous statistics and science.
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How we're different than anything you've seen before

It's about you, not us

ezbds gets out of your way.
We work hard every day to make ezbds less and less intrusive into your life. And to make it useful enough to take some of the hassle of diabetes out of your life too.
You live your life, enter any information we can't pull in automatically, and ezbds jumps in to lend a hand right when you need it.

Just what you care about, right when you need it

We don't expect you to figure out what to look for. ezbds shows you just what's important, without the noise.
At a restaurant? ezbds tells you how you dosed when you ate there last time.
Trying out a new dose of insulin or pills? ezbds tells you which helps you spend the most time in range.
No more wondering and guessing, ezbds is there to unobtrusively answer all your questions with simple insight derived by real, hard-core science backed by complex algorithms behind the scenes.

Real-life solutions from real-life diabetics

ezbds is a team of diabetics helping other diabetics with the actual problems you and we face every day.
Don't try to remember your meal, meds, pre- and post-sugars to enter them all at once. If we had a personal assistant that asked for that, we'd fire them. ezbds takes information as it comes, disjointed and at random, and makes sense of it for you.
How often do you look at those 3 month charts or that mess of numbers some people call a logbook? Been a while? Yeah, for us too. ezbds is about integrating data-driven insight and decision-making into your life, not taking time out for diabetes.

Always ultra-secure

Allow us to introduce, well... us

Hi, I'm Adam, a diabetic since my final year of college and ezbds' first user and founder. After working in the financial sector building high-security, big data analysis systems to derive deep insight from disconnected data, I was amazed that financial professionals completely relied on those powerful tools I'd built but my doctor was stuck eyeballing a sheet of numbers every few months to help me make treatment decisions. ezbds brings these powerful number-crunching and pattern-finding tools to diabetics, but we make sure to do the hard work--you get a simple and modern interface for understandable, actionable insight. I hope you love it!

Read more about my and ezbds' story on our blog and please keep in touch. Shoot me an email at

With everything you worry about, ezbds is the personal assistant you deserve.

As diabetics, we know we don't make health decisions once a month or once a quarter. We make them every hour of every day.

ezbds puts you in control, with just the information you need just when you need it.

Make your diabetes ezbds today.

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